Olan Rogers' Soda Parlor

Growing up I watch BalloonShop on youtube almost every day. It consisted of three teenage boys making funny, entertaining videos that accidentally became very popular. Later, as the boys got older, Olan Rogers (one of the teenage boys) started his own Youtube Channel where he told stories that would make any person laugh. As his name became more commonly known, he opened his own soda parlor called The Soda Parlor! When he opened The Soda Parlor for the first time in Nashville I was still in high school. I wanted to go to the grand opening so bad and would dream of meeting Olan himself. Well, five years and a college degree later, I finally got to visit Olan Rogers' Soda Parlor! So, of course, I photographed the entire experience! It was amazing to see all the detail and customer interaction put into the store. The free arcade games and all the names written on the wall from the opening day, make it such a welcoming place to hang out with friends. I will always remember this amazing experience and childhood dream that finally came true.

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