Sharp Wedding

Eric and Heather Sharp. WHAT A WEDDING DAY! I have known Heather for as long as I can remember. We have stayed close friends through high school, college and now into our own marriage's! Heather and Eric got married at the Museum of Appalachia. The venue is a beautiful landmark in east TN. My favorite part about this venue is all the PEACOCKS! I had never seen a peacock in person before this wedding! It was so exciting! As for the of the wedding, I would like to note that this was a spring wedding in April... and it snowed. Yes you read that right. Is was snowing and raining on and off all day. But when it mattered most (during all the photos and the ceremony) there wasn't a spot of bad weather. The joy of the bride and groom made the day just a blast to photograph. I could not have photographed this wedding so easily if it hadn't been for my second shooter Hannah Campbell Photography. She was a wonder to work with and since we have been long time friends, we got to catch up on life! April 9th, 2022, was a wonderful day for such a beautiful wedding and I couldn't have been more happy to be the Photographer.

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