The Santiago Wedding

The Santiago wedding... oh where do I START! This wedding was a dream! The day before this wedding my best friend (who just happens to also be photographer) asked me if I had plans for the next day. Seeing that it was a Monday and it had been a very long and eventful weekend, I did not have any plans. So she said "would you like to come with me to Georgia to photograph a wedding on a lake and then in front of a waterfall?"... I replied "what time do I need to be ready?!"

We drove for 3 and a half hours to get to this location and it did NOT disappoint! The Bride and Groom were so excited that I got to come along and capture their wedding day. After the Send Off we went to the waterfall location and captured some of the most beautiful wedding photos of my career. Please enjoy these images from one of the most eventful Mondays of my life!

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